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"Tu as la liste des choses dont tu auras besoin ?"

Translation:Do you have the list of things that you will need?

July 24, 2020



Richard-IX, The sticking point seems to be "the" before things. I agree with you that, "Do you have the list of the things you'll need?" is perfectly acceptable. Reported.


"the things" still not accepted 9th February 2021. Reported again


Thank you for reporting it.


Thank you for your support.


I put "Do you have the list of the things you will need" and it was marked wrong because I didn't put in the 'that'. I am angry.


Same here. In English, "that" is usually elided in that place in the sentence. I am doing the test out for that checkpoint too so this will probably cause me to fail it and I'll have to redo the entire thing remembering to put "that" in. How totally petty of them. Four months after you and they still didn't fix it. I reported it.


I then put "Do you have the list of the things that you will need" which was also marked wrong. My patience is running out. This is not a test of French, but whether you can mind-read the compiler of these questions.


What answer did they want that time?


Why "dont" and not "que"?


Look at "tu auras besoin". It means "you will have need". It therefore needs "dont", meaning "of which". The literal translation, therefore, is: 'Do you have the list of the things of which you will have need ?'.


It is time we got some better setters of questions.


why not " the things' list "


That would not be normal English.


Because that would mean the list belongs to the things. The list doesn't belong to the things. It belongs to the person making the list.


Do you have a list of what you will need? seems to me a good translation


I think that in general the English translations are too strict and rigid and don't allow for what is more commonly used in English-speaking countries like the US

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