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"This blogger uploads photos of his dishes."

Translation:Ce blogueur met en ligne des photos de ses plats.

July 24, 2020



I said "... de sa vaisselle" instead of "... de ses plats" and it wasn't accepted.


I'm pretty sure they mean plats de la nourriture or dishes of food, like cassoulet or coq au vin or mac'n'cheese.


Why not cette blogueuse???


Because it says "his dishes" so the subject must be male.


Sometimes you get one wrong and you think that the problem is one thing when it's actually something else. Maybe that's what happened to you.


Could any one explain why this sentence "Ce blogueur met des photos en ligne de ses plats" is marked wrong, while "Alice mettra cet article en ligne demain matin" is right? This last sentence, if you follow Duo grammatical logic should be wrong. Why? Because the object complement follows the verb, though it is in the future tense, exactly as I have it in my sentence, which was marked wrong. Anyone, please?


'Ce blogueur met des photos de ses plats en ligne' was marked correct for me. I think the problem is you're splitting 'photos' from 'de ses plats', which describes it. 'demain matin' doesn't describe 'article' in the same way in your second sentence. Having said that, you could in English just about say 'This blogger puts photos on the internet of his plates' even though it's clunky. So it may just be that Duo isn't accepting a clunky construction.


Great answer! he cannot split 'des photos' and the 'de ses plats' which is essentially an adjectival phrase describing the photos. Where he had it, it looks an adjectival phrase describing 'ligne'. In his sentence with Alice 'demain matin' is an adverbial PHRASE of TIME modifying the entire sentence and can go most anywhere in a sentence(start/end/after the verb)..

My reason for coming here though can you write this: Ce blogueur met des photos de ses plats en ligne.... 'en ligne' as an adverb of place which comes after the direct object of 'des photos de ses plats'??


This one has en ligne before the object, but this construct was marked wrong wgen i said mets en ligne ta musique


Notice the 'determiner' is the plural partitive article de+les.. Maybe your sentence required the 'using the partitive article (singular and feminine in that case) which is 'de la'.... instead of the possessive.

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