"Cette montagne est la plus haute du monde."

Translation:This mountain is the highest in the world.

July 24, 2020

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Et cette montagne s'appelle le mont Everest............


Do we not pronounce the 's' for the word 'plus' in this circumstances or?

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No, it is a comparaison and the word after doesn't begin by a vowel. Try this link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUcGXHkrS8k&list=RDCMUC0qr9ObVeJ7hL0SXK-rR31Q&index=1


Is it me or is est missed out in the quick version with the female voice? I listened carefully a few times, checked it against the slow version in case I was going nuts and didn't really need it, but even on return to the fast version, I couldn't hear it. Normally, if I miss a word in the fast version, once I play the slow one (if I'm unsure I'll do that), I can hear the "missing" word, but not this time.


Absolutely agree, not even a hint of it at normal speed.


I heard it in the male voice, but its really blended in there


"This mountain is the highest of the world" was accepted.


With the male voice, I wasn't able to hear the word "haute" at regular speed. Is it really spoken that way?


I was wondering if any of you have been have issues with "read and respond" questions. They give you a paragraph to read and you can't answer the question. This has nothing to do with this question in particular. Mar 21 2021

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