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" Mitä te etsitte? Salmiakkia."

Translation:– What are you looking for? – Salmiakki.

July 24, 2020



should salmiakki translate to salty liquorice?


In practice on the wrapping, yes. But I guess they haven't wanted to translate it here, since other kinds of salty liquorice exists in other countries, but salmiakki is very Finnish.


So salty licorice from Sweden would not be called salmiakki?


This is another sentence where it should probably be translated "salmiac" since there is an English word for it.


Salmiac itself is a mineral (which is an ingredient of salmiac liquorice) and by translating it literally, people probably would assume that the person is eating pure salmiac, while the Finnish word salmiakki is often used for the liquorice itself (and for the alcoholic drink by Koskenkorva).

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