"He studies economics, but he doesn't know how to count."

Translation:Il étudie l'économie, mais il ne sait pas compter.

July 24, 2020

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I made the mistake of using revise because it's been more recently introduced. The discussion seems to be the only place to learn the nuances.


When do we use "etudier" and when do we use "reviser"?


Réviser is only when you revise a lesson before an exam.


Do you mean "review"? There have been countless exercises where "réviser" means "to study." Why are they changing it now?


Revise in UK is the same as review in US. So réviser is studying done before an exam, usually.

But this sentence refers to his overall course of study in the field of economics. So étudier is used correctly instead of réviser.


il fait des études d'économie mais il ne sait pas compter wrong ?


That too should be accepted. Reported.


According to my dictionary, the name of the academic subject of "economics", both at school and at university, is "les sciences économiques".

Yet "Il étudie les sciences économiques, mais il ne sait pas compter." is rejected. Reported.

"Il étudie l'économie" means that he studies the economy, does it not?

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