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"I want to be close to Tyyne, because I love her."

Translation:Minä haluan olla lähellä Tyyneä, koska rakastan häntä.

July 24, 2020



"Minä" should be optional here [reported]


This whole time i thought Tyyne was a male name


I had the same with Aino. I even made up a male character for a story with that name, oops.


Another minä / no minä sentence. :( Reported Sept 8


It seems strange to me that personal pronouns would change in partitive. In English a name is a name and never changes. It may take a while for me to get used to this!


Sometimes names change quite a bit (e.g. double consonants might become short ones), and sometimes there's more than one way to decline a name.

E.g. Jukka, Jukan, Jukkaa, Jukassa, Jukasta, Jukkaan, Jukalla, Jukalta, Jukalle, Jukkana, Jukaksi, Jukatta, (Plural: Jukat, Jukkien, Jukkia, Jukissa, Jukista, Jukkiin, Jukilla, Jukilta, Jukille, Jukkina, Jukiksi, Jukitta)

Satu, Satun/Sadun, Satua, Satussa/Sadussa...

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