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"Oululainen opettaja katselee elokuvaa."

Translation:The teacher from Oulu is watching a movie.

July 24, 2020



Should "The teacher from Oulu is watching THE movie." be correct?


Yup, both are correct translations of the Finnish sentence, since there is no context.


"Film" should as well be accepted for "Elokuva".


Oululaista Opettaja is also correct? Because includes the word "from" For example : Kreikkalainen = Greek Kreikkalaista = From Greece


The adjective and the noun have to agree, since they are a part of the same noun phrase. oululaista is the partitive form of oululainen. The subject opettaja is in the nominative, so the adjective should be in the nominative too. Were there some certain reference to amount (like pari) or a number larger than 1 preceding the words, then both would be in the partitive. :)

  • Oululainen opettaja tanssii. The teacher from Oulu is dancing.
  • Pari oululaista opettajaa kävelee puistossa. A couple of teachers from Oulu are walking in a/the park.
  • Seitsemän oululaista opettajaa halaa puuta. Seven teachers from Oulu are hugging a/the tree.


Thanks so much for the detailed clarification!


Before hovering over "Oululainen" I deadass wondered, "I mean, it can't be Oulunese, can it?"

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