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"We only speak a little bit of Japanese."

Translation:Puhumme vain vähän japania.

July 24, 2020



I'm not sure about the rules for positioning the "vain". I put it right at the beginning of the sentence, which was obviously wrong. Any help for me?


Place it right before the word you want to connect it to.

Vain me puhumme japania. (It's connected to "we" so it's only us who speak Japanese).

Me puhumme vain japania. (It's connected to "Japanese", so Japanese is the only language we speak.)

Me puhumme vain vähän japania. (It's connected to "a little", so we only speak a bit of Japanese.)


Thank you! I had the same trouble understanding.


Placing vain before the verb makes the sentence mean: "We only speak a little Japanese."


"Vain vähän" would be "only a little " I think.

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