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  5. "Kai minä olen väärässä."

"Kai minä olen väärässä."

Translation:I guess I am wrong.

July 24, 2020



Since in English you can be "in the wrong", then "I guess I'm in the wrong" should be accepted since - it seems to me - it's even closer to the Finnish meaning? Reported 24.02.21.


Reported again 20.08.21.


In the WSOY dictionary, kai = probably and maybe


Googly Translate also has "probably" ... also "as like as not". I don't like "I guess".


Googly?? XD I meant Google, of course.


The hint for kai says I hope or I guess, is hope incorrect based on context or something else?


Context, yes. Usually, kai would mean I guess, perhaps, maybe, etc.

But in the kind of sentence we have elsewhere in the course, I hope I'm not disturbing, it's expressed with the word hope in English although the meaning is somewhere between hope and not-really-much-meaning-at-all-since-I'm-coming-to-talk-to-you-anyway.

The hints are not sentence specific, so that's why you see hope here as well, although it's not appropriate for this particular context.


I see the hints say "kai" is "I guess" and "I hope"? Is that really so? Those have completely different meanings


It depends on whether it's a bad thing or good thing, which might happen.

"Kai minä olen väärässä" -> "I guess I'm wrong"

"Kai tämä on oikein" -> "I guess this is right" or "I hope this is right"


'I suppose I am wrong' should also be accepted. 'I guess' and 'I suppose' are interchangable in a sentence like this. 'I hope I am wrong' would be more like 'toivon, että olen väärässä'.


You should report it using the flag with message "my answer should be accepted" so it (hopefully) will be updated to be accepted someday


I suppose I am wrong is nowadays an accepted answer here.


Not accepted "I'm probably wrong", reported on 22.02.2021


In the Wsoy dictionary, kai = probaly and maybe

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