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"Why do you have so many calendars?"

Translation:Miksi sinulla on niin monta kalenteria?

July 24, 2020



Is "niin paljon kalenteria" acceptable?


No, that would mean so much of a single calendar. Which I can't really imagine ever having to say.


Why is "Miksi teillä on niin paljon kalenteria?" incorrect?


See the response above ;)


Would "kalenterit" also be possible here?


Nope, the nominative plural doesn't work here.

In addition to the monta + partive singular used in the suggested translation, another (maybe slightly less elegant?) possibility is paljon + partitive plural.

The partitive plural isn't taught in this course so far, and I hear from my Estonian teacher, who also teaches Finnish, that it's an even worse nightmare than the plain old partitive singular. (As a native speaker, I wouldn't know.) For example, kalenteri has two different possible plural partitives: kalentereita and kalentereja, both equally good.


So using "monta" in this sentence means that the objects it refers to must be partitive? I assume that "Miksi sinulla on kalenterit?" is OK (if a bit weird).


No that doesn't work. If you forget the monta aspect, you could say: miksi sinulla on kalenteri, why do you have a calender or miksi sinulla on kalentereita, why do you have calenders.


Yes, anne is right.

Kalenterit would be the right form if it were specific calendars: Why do you have the calendars? = Miksi kalenterit ovat sinulla? That's when we need the nominative.

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