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"Le texte est stupide, mais l'écriture est jolie."

Translation:The text is stupid, but the handwriting is pretty.

July 24, 2020



The answer given: "The text is dumb, but the writing s pretty." This is stupid indeed.


I absolutely hate the new voices Duolingo has started using (June 2021)


I still have not heard any. My wife has and she says they are 'unusual' and raspy. I'm looking forward to them appearing on my computer. Strange, because we are both at about the same level. They couldn't be any worse than the voice of 'Lily' on the Learning English from French course, which is appalling.


There's a new female with a silly high pitched voice and a man with a silly "character" voice and they are both SO annoying! Mind you, there used to be a male with quite a guttural, regional accent who has been replaced now, possibly because there were so many complaints from people who couldn't understand him or simply mis-heard him.


Ah yes I remember the Frenchman from the south of France. He sounded like he was speaking French with an Italian accent, putting an 'a' sound after words like 'pain'. Sitesurf explained that his manner of speaking was typical of the region. Today I heard some exercises with new voices. Like you, when learning a new language, I like to hear a clear voice with good diction and preferably a 'Parisian' accent.


I have not yet heard the high pitched female voice thankfully, but find this raspy male voice impossible to understand. I'm all for experiencing a reasonable range of legitimate accents, but exaggerated cartoon voices are not the right choice here I think. I am reporting a problem with the audio when I encounter them. Forums indicate they removed a similar roll out from the Spanish course after the backlash.
They probably roll them out to a segment of users as a beta before switching everyone.


the text is stupid - does that mean the content? Text to me implies a block of print

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