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"Turistit haluavat puhua suomea, mutta eivät osaa."

Translation:The tourists want to speak Finnish, but do not know how.

July 24, 2020



Tourists are much too ambitious.


They need to start using Duolingo then ;)


But do not know how = '...mutta eivät tiedä miten'.


I think it might be a good idea for a native Finn to give a short tutorial on the differences among tiettää, osata, and tuntea. They all mean "to know" but in different ways. I couldn't explain it that well, but osata is the one that I would use here.


Osata means you have a skill, you know how to do something, in this example speaking Finnish. Tietää is more about having some kind of knowledge, you can for example say I know a secret, tiedän salaisuuden. Tuntea in the meaning of knowing means you know someone for example I know Otso means tunnen Otson.


Ah. This is an interesting further split of German's 'wissen': to have knowledge of, or ability - Ich weiss was einen Klavier ist, und weiss wie mann es spielt' I know what a piano is, and how to play it. And können: to know a person.

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