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"Is this Hungarian or Finnish?"

Translation:Onko tämä unkaria vai suomea?

July 24, 2020



This should probably be tai, as from context we cannot assume it can only be one of the two (i.e. it can be neither)


both tai and vai are okay since we don't have any context


What is actually the difference between tai and vai?


/tai/ is inclusive OR (i.e. this, that, or both), whereas /vai/ is exclusive OR (this or that, but not both).

The Wiktionary example is also quite useful: Söitkö sinä leivän tai hedelmät? - have you eaten bread or fruit (or both, or neither), vs Soitkö sinä leivän vai hedelmät? - did you eat bread or fruit (in a sense of, which of these two have you eaten; the "both" and "neither" are not acceptable answers here)


Is this question about people or languages?


Languages. Might also be a part of map, but not people.

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