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"Zijn vriendin is een Nederlandse."

Translation:His girlfriend is a Dutchwoman.

August 9, 2014



'His girlfriend is Dutch' would sound more natural in English - is there a closer equivalent of this (rather than 'Dutchwoman') in Dutch?


I agree, 'His girlfriend is Dutch' also sounds more natural to me. I think the reason for the translation is that the English adjective 'Dutch' can be used for both genders, while there is a distinction in Dutch. The Dutch sentence thus contains information that would be lost by using 'Dutch' rather than 'Dutchwoman', but the 'woman' part in this sentence is already included in 'girlfriend'.


But this translation, "His girlfriend is Dutch" is grammatically different than the original sentence, because "Dutch" is an adjective here, whereas "een Nederlandse"="a Dutchwonan" is a noun. I have the impression that using the noun form for a person in not polite in English anymore, but I am not a native speaker. It definitely seems common in Dutch.


Een Nederlandse = A Dutchwoman Nederlands = Dutch


Is it possible to translate this just as "friend" or does the "zijn" imply that is must be a girlfriend like German?

Zijn vriendin=his girlfriend Een vriedin van hem=his friend


It can be used for both meanings, but zijn vriendin usually will be girlfriend. Because of this ambiguity quite a lot of people (like myself) prefer to use een/deze/die vriendin van hem when friend is meant.

The fact that gay relationships are getting more normal and acceptable in everyday use (yes even in the Netherlands we're not there yet), means that Zijn vriend is een Nederlander. or Haar vriendin is een Nederlandse are getting the same ambiguous meaning, these used to simply mean friend.


We know she's a woman ("girlfriend"). Why is it necessary to add woman to Dutch?


In the Dutch sentence, they are using the noun form, not the adjective form


Do i get it correct? : Nederlander = is a male Dutch person. Nederlandse = is a female Dutch person.


Yes, that's correct!


We all know the correct answer is "His girlfriend is a Dutchie."

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