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"Nuo opettajat puhuvat hindiä."

Translation:Those teachers speak Hindi.

July 24, 2020



An acceptable translation would be:

Those teachers are speaking Hindi


Indeed it would! Did you report it using the flag?


Yes, I always flag things before I comment. I like to leave a comment to give reassurance to anyone with the same problem so they don't get frustrated with themselves. And to provide another place for the devs to see the feedback.


Great! I just always ask (unless it's mentioned in the post), because a lot of users don't know that this is the way to improve the course.


"Are speaking" still not accepted!


There must be a technical problem... Because this sentence has not been worked on for 8 months, and is speaking is included among the possible answers. But still, there are reports from 5 months ago (but not from today, cough, cough).

I'll try to take it out and add it back.


Good to see hindi up here


I'm not missing something am I? No tips for any of the lessons on this row? Love the tips. Thanks to the people who compile those!


No, you're not missing something (well, not something that's actually there). Our Head Owl Zzzzz... is still writing the Tips, and is trying to complete about one bobble a week, so you'll hopefully see some here soon. Meanwhile, it's always useful to look up words on Wiktionary (just search online for the Finnish word and Wiktionary, and then pick English Wiktionary).


Thanks! Both to you for the info and to Zzzzz for the amazing tips!

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