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  5. "Minulla on ikävä Suomea!"

"Minulla on ikävä Suomea!"

Translation:I miss Finland!

July 24, 2020



I am missing Finland should be accepted


Verbs about emotions (among a few other things) are rarely used in progressive aspect. This is not one of the situations where a progressive aspect could make sense.


It makes sense in English though. I am missing Finland literally means the exact same thing as I miss Finland.


It can make sense in the sense that it can be correctly understood, but it's hardly natural (at least in most contexts and with most emotions) to combine an emotion with progressive aspect. With progressive aspect, it's more likely to refer to the action of missing rather than the emotion, as in you're looking for it but can't find it, or that you can't hit the target. This is because the progressive aspect would refer to something that is occurring right now, not on a regular basis.


I am still not understanding


Billy that's not quite right. I am missing is active. Like right now I am looking at nelson's column and dreaming of helsinki harbour. I miss is more general. Could be right now, could refer to a week ago, just a general feeling. No immediacy there. I am missing describes current ongoing state.


Kiitos paljon!

I was wondering until now why 'progressive aspect' (new term for me) was not being used for this sort if sentence. It has come up many times before in lessons...

We (perhaps only I?) interpret it as 'the same thing' in English. Knowing there is an important distinction in Finnish helps.


And I haven't even been there by now.


Maybe it should be explained why minelayer is translated I am


'Minulla on ikävä Suomea' says "I have a longing for Finland", or even more literally, "On me is a longing for Finland".

It's like 'Minulla on kuuma': "I have hot/On me is hot". It's not idiomatic English, so "I miss" is used instead of "I have a longing for", and "I am hot" instead of "I have hot".

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