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"Because of this disease, she is going to become blind."

Translation:À cause de cette maladie, elle va devenir aveugle.

July 24, 2020



I understood an acccent was not obligatory on capital letters.


They are mandatory, but since the standard French keyboard is quite poorly designed when it comes to typing accents, in such a way that placing an accent on a capital letter is tidious if not plainly impossible only using the keyboard, so a lot of people just give up and writing it without an accent. I guess we got used to it, but standard orthography rules say nothing about not placing accents on capital letters.


Anyway, you may use "à" if you can't find a handy way of capitalizing "À".


Àndroid on-screen keyboard is quite versatile and quick when it comes to selecting åčćęňťëđ letters, so much so, it makes a conventional keyboard seem clumsy by comparison.


When do we use "Parce que" and "A Cause"? How do we distinguish which needs to be used?


"Parce que" is a conjunction so it is followed by a subject and a verb at least: "Parce qu'elle est malade..."

"À cause de" is a preposition you use before a noun, pronoun or name: À cause de cette maladie..."

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