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"Etsivätkö he kissaa? Se on tuolla."

Translation:Are they searching for the cat? It is over there.

July 24, 2020



Isnt it the same? Etsivätkö: are they searching / are they looking for? Or is there really a difference in Finnish?


Same thing


It is there should be accepted, e.g. not using "over" in "over there"?


Just 'there' would be 'tuossa'. Then it is pretty close to the speaker (or to the listener, depending on the point).

'Over there' is 'tuolla'. Then it is pretty far from both the speaker and the listener.


You can just say "there" for that in English too. "Over" is only added for emphasis and extra clarification. Tuossa could be "right there" too, but in English, we're not forced to distinguish between "right there" and "over there".

tässä = (right) here
täällä = (over) here

tuossa = (right) there
tuolla = (over) there


is there a distinction between searching for and looking for?


Duolingo accepted "Etsivätkö he kissa se on tuolla".
Is the non partitive allowed here? or is this duolingo letting 'small mistakes' slip through? I try to follow the Duolingo advice to say the sentence aloud after - but if I'm repeating/learning incorrect grammar, there's not much point in continuing with Duolingo - this seems to be happening quite a lot.


It should be 'kissaa'. Might be that Duolingo's course is allowing that as this is still in progress. But if we report, it should be fixed


Why is "searching for a cat" marked as wrong here and only "the cat" accepted?


Looking for / searching.... "Searching" without "for" should be accepted as correct answer.


"Searching the cat" would be looking for something inside the cat. Makes me think of an autopsy.


Or the police are patting the cat down for drugs. ;-)


No. The direct object of "search" is the place where the searching takes place. What the subject is trying to find is introduced with for.

They are searching the forest [object = location] for the missing child.
The police searched my flat [object = location] for the murder weapon
I searched my cat [object = location] for fleas.
I searched the park [object = location] for my cat

You can drop either one. "I searched the park" - you don't know what I was looking for. "I searched for my cat" - you don't know where I searched.

So "Are they searching the cat" means "Are they looking for something on the cat?" (or as KristianKumpula suggested: in the cat)


"He searched the room" = He perused the room looking for something.

"He searched for the room" = He was in the hallway trying to find the room.

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