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" Anteeksi, missä suklaat ovat? Ne ovat tuolla."

Translation:– Excuse me, where are the chocolates? – They are over there.

July 24, 2020



Why is "sorry" not accepted as a translation for "anteeksi"?


It depends on the context. If you're asking someone something (disturbing) or if you have to get past someone etc. you would use 'excuse me', right? And if you do something 'bad', you would say 'sorry'. In Finnish, there is only one word, 'anteeksi, that is used in both contexts.


In English, we also say "sorry" when asking a question, especially if we should already know the answer. I feel that sorry, and I'm sorry should both be accepted here.


If I understand correctly; "suklaa" can be a mass noun and also (depending on the context) a specific item. Correct?


Yes, you're correct


Oh dear. Is this the same problem with "milks", "jams", "quarks", etc.?

In English "chocolate" is another commonly-employed mass noun, in which case the translation "Excuse me where is the chocolate? It's over there" should be accepted.

It's still useful to be aware that in Finnish it is NOT a mass noun, though, and that we should be careful in our English to Finnish translations.


Chocolates mean something quite specific and different from chocolate. Is there only the one word in Finnish? https://www.chocolaterieonline.com/en/chocolate-boxes/63-chocolates-300g-square-box-3760292570120.html


Yes, although you can also use the word "suklaakonvehti" (plural, "suklaakonvehdit"), for the more high-end separate pieces. "(Suklaa)konvehtirasia" would be the same thing as a box of chocolates.


They're should be accepted. Bl**dy irritating these quirks are still in the course more than a year on from launxh


This is not a good question because either answer could be correct.

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