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"Cette dame vend des flûtes, achète-m'en une."

Translation:This lady sells flutes; buy me one.

July 24, 2020



..not with that attitude. Peut-être un s'il vous plaît dans la phrase, et j'y penserai...


Une flûte can be not only a music instrument but also a shape of bread, larger than a baguette.


Even if it costs a bit more than €1, a little "s'il te/vous plaît" would not be too much.


Would this phrase, as written, sound as rude to french speaker?


We also have some spoilt brats in France.


I wonder if "buy one" would simply be "achète une" and the "en" is necessary for "me"


"Achète-m'en une" stands for "Achète-moi une des flûtes" and avoids the repetition of "flûtes". You don't need "(one) of them" in English but you need "en" in French.

Without "moi/m'", it would be the same: "Achètes-en une" instead of "Achète une des flûtes"


Thank you. I missed that.


What is the difference between Achète-m'en une and Achète-moi-en une ?


The latter is incorrect because both the direct (en) and the indirect (m') objects are pronouns.

You can use "moi" as an indirect object in the imperative when the direct object is not a personal pronoun (like "en"): Achète-moi ça !


Are all the French this rude, or is it only the owl?


Children can be rude, and it is universal, I think.


Sitesurf, could you please tell me if the use of semi-colons is really as rampant in France as this section on Pastimes suggests?


Yes, semi-colons have almost disappeared to the benefit of commas and full stops.


Ah bon ? Moi j'aime encore beaucoup les utiliser, mais peut-être plus les nouvelles générations.


English-speakers should use the semicolon a lot more frequently than they normally write them! DL actually (more-often-than-not) gets the English punctuation just right.


"cette dame vend des flutes; achete m'en une" was my response which was deemed incorrect. Aside from the accents and the "-" my response seems to be correct (duo ignores my lack of accents usually). What am I missing?


Accents, apostrophes, and hyphens are not decorations but an integral part of proper spelling. You should get into the habit of using them because you never know when Duo takes them into account.


Vous-etes correcte, bien sur. J'ai peur que je suis un peu paresseuse. Je dois travailler plus dur.


Vous êtes correcte does not mean "you are correct" but "you are honest/decent". You should use "Vous avez raison".

"J'ai peur que..." needs a verb in the subjunctive (... que je sois); however, when the subject is the same in the next clause, you should replace "que je sois" by "de" + infinitive: "J'ai peur d'être un peu paresseuse.


Merci beaucoup, Sitesurf. Vous etes tres gentil(le). Vous avez raison et j'espere que vous etre correcte, aussi. : ] Also, do you know how I might enable my keyboard to type using French accents?


I have a MacBook where a change of keyboard is easy but I don't know how to deal with other platforms, sorry.


Moi, aussi. Mon ordinateur est un MacBook. Peut-etre c'est dans les "preferences". Je cherchera. Bonne journee, Sitesurf. Merci pour votre aide.


Allez dans "Préférences Système" (l'icone avec un écrou argenté en bas dans votre Dock) puis dans "Langues et Régions". Dans la fenêtre qui s'ouvre, vous devriez voir que la "langue de saisie" est "français", et vous pouvez cliquer sur l'onglet "préférence clavier".


I use a Samsung telephone. If I hold a letter it gives options for accents and I slide to the one needed. I find using the accents and dashes cumbersome and time consuming. If I guess wrong my phone learns the wrong spelling/accent and offers it in autocorrect. Sometimes I know I don't know how to spell a word in Duo and get no assistance or hints which is frustrating. Good luck figuring out your keyboard.


I do not understand why the sentence only missing a hyphoon can be a wrong sentence? c'est trop drole, bizarre,


Because in French, hyphens are basically part the spelling. If you don't use them, particularly in this sort of context, you're just wrong. It's annoying, I know. It's like getting something wrong because you didn't notice the single letter you missed out or mistyped until just between hitting the bar and getting the red flash back at you! Always better to be safe than sorry and copy their example. They're usually a bit more relaxed regarding accents, but you'll get a warning about it.


Why is it achète-m'en instead of achète-moi-en?


This is obviously needing changed as so many people cant get past this with their keyboard.I cannot do e graves oracutes


My answer was correct i think


What happened to ' please?'


Give me strength! I only missed out the apostrophe!


I cant do the decorations!


so, missing a hyphen makes the answer incorrect?


I was wondering not about the use of the word 'lady'. It seems antiquated. If certainly say 'woman' these days.


Would Duo accept the translation of "dame" as "woman". A lot of women in the UK don't like to be called "ladies" - don't think it chimes well with feminism. Did anyone try that translation?


"Woman" is accepted, though it is not an accurate translation of "dame".

We're here to learn French rather than tiptoe around excessive sensitivities.


cannot understand why my answer is incorrect.


Are you aware that we can’t see what your answer was?
Next time, copy it in your comment.

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I have written as it suggest but doesn't let me pass


Have you missed an accent or hyphen? If not, and if you're absolutely certain you're right, click on the flag and tell them you should have been marked correct. It won't help immediately, but it will inform them of a mistake of theirs. After that, write it all down precisely (including accents, hyphens, punctuation) and then copy it back identically when it returns. That should work.

If all else fails, grit your teeth, quit the lesson (go for a walk...) and restart it and hope you don't get it again. Back when DL was really buggy, I had to do that more than a few times! Talk about annoying! Good luck!

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