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Marie or with an accent?


It really does not hurt but it seems wierd that my spellchecker likes to put an accent on Marie when I am doing Duolingo in French with a french keyboard. But everytime it auto corrects to Marie with an accent, I get a little note to watch my accents. As it is hard to override the spellchecker without turning it off this is a bit frustrating. Just saying. Thanks, this is great review to get back my French from when I was young.

July 24, 2020



It seems that they think you are wanting to write the word "mariƩ" (meaning "married") instead of the name "Marie" (which has no accent mark).

By the way, best wishes to you in getting back to your French after all those years !


Yes I do agree as well Jimmy54103


I think all you need to do is add the proper noun Marie to your spellcheck database.


good idea, thanks

[deactivated user]

    I think your spellchecker is changing Marie to mariƩ (married)


    Yes I do agree theAverageNerd


    Yes, it may be but it is frustrating to use a name that confuses spell check.

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