"Ne le branche pas tout de suite, attends ton père."

Translation:Don't plug it in right away; wait for your father.

July 24, 2020

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LOL. The father usually waits for the teenager to plug a device in these days.


Don't plug it right away should accepted just as don't plug it in right away!


Why is 'straight' away not accepted whereas 'right'away is - surely interchangeable?


Correct my grammar, please ! Why is the conjugated word "attends" used here and not the infinitive "attendre" if this is a command / request to do something ?


The imperative forms are : Attends ( for wait when you speak to one person you know well) Attendons (for let's wait) Attendez (for wait when you speak to a person you don't know well ... or to several people) You can find the infinitive form : attendre for instructions in a recipe for example... when the instructions concern anybody..


Yes, it is the imperative mood.

Link: L’impératif: the imperative in French on lingolia
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