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"Do you not have the water bottle?"

Translation:Eikö vesipullo ole sinulla?

July 24, 2020


[deactivated user]

    I had "Eikö ole sinulla vesipullo". Can anyone tell me why this is wrong?


    Because the word "vesipullo" is in nominative that means it is intended to be the subject of the sentence. It is "vesipullo" that "ei ole". If you wanted to put it at the end of the sentence, you could say "Eikö sinulla ole vesipulloa" with the noun in partitive. However, in that case it's "A waterbottle", not "the".

    If we eliminate the word "sinä", we could say e.g. "pöydällä" (on the table) instead, maybe it's less confusing.

    "Eikö vesipullo ole pöydällä?" - Isn't the water bottle on the table.

    "Eikö pöydällä ole vesipulloa?" - Isn't there a water bottle on the table.


    To add to what Pieni chilipalko said, in Finnish one prefers a clear theme → rheme order, i.e. start with the topic and proceed to focus. Here the theme, the topic is the water bottle, and the focus is its whereabout.

    [deactivated user]

      Thank you.The examples really clarify stuff! Now to internalize.


      Or maybe "eikö sinulla ole vesipullo"?

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