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" Haloo? Missä sinä olet? Metrossa."

Translation:– Hello? Where are you? – In the metro.

July 24, 2020



For UK speakers the preposition 'on' the metro would be a better translation.


I would add "in the subway" to correct answers for US English speakers


In the underground, too.


Is "haloo" used in calls only?


I very much think so. In truth I've seen hallo/hello used as a greeting (and not in a call) only in Germanic languages.


Why the question mark after Hello? That's not a question.


I suppose it indicates the tone in which the "haloo" is said...


In English if you don't know the caller you would say Hello? in an interrogative tone.


Why is 'in a metro' wrong?


Given the context, clearly, they imply the metro system that is quite particular. The person who is in the metro also knows where he or she is right now, so “a metro” just doesn’t work here and sounds super unnatural.


How about different metro lines, or if the caller is wondering why such a bad signal? if you just say "the metro" you are giving just as much information as in "a metro"


When you are saying you are in the metro, it means basically the type of transportation system you are using and you most definitely know which metro you are in, so it makes no sense you say “I am in A metro” grammatically. It doesn’t matter if the other caller knows any more details, the person mentioning the metro certainly knows s/he is in the metro.


According to the Oxford dictionary, «Hallo» is a perfectly acceptable word in English. Perhaps not for every English dialect, but certainly for some.

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