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"Ravintolassa, jossa minä haluaisin käydä, on vain yksi pöytä."

Translation:In the restaurant I would like to go to, there is only one table.

July 24, 2020



There is only one table in the restaurant where I would like to go


A tricky one. I wrote "In the restaurant I would like to visit, there is only one table" and it was marked wrong. This seems an acceptable variation--typical of vernacular English where I live, so I reported it. We'd never say "In the restaurant I would like to go to," but perhaps that is natural for English speakers elsewhere. And there are likely other reasonable options.

[deactivated user]

    This should be less disingenuous and allow the reverse of this sentence


    Käydä=visit, go=mennä?


    Per my teacher käydä is used when you go to a place for a short time or frequently visit (store, restaurant, etc.). A place you will return from quickly. Mennä is used when you are going somewhere to stay for long term, days.


    Could it also mean there's a favourite table in that restaurant, can't envisage a restaurant that has but one table ? What kind of place would that be

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