Translation:cross-country skiing

July 24, 2020


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    According to wiktionary (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/hiihto) this is just skiing, not cross country skiing. Doesn't seem necessary to add the cross country.


    Yeah, "cross country skiing" is "murtomaahiihto". However, note that you can't refer to all types of "skiing" as "hiihto". If it's e.g. downhill skiing, that'd be "laskettelu", not "hiihto".

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      okee, my non-ski-experience is showing through. I thought that gliding down a hill making weird left-to-right moves was normal skiiing. What is hiihto then, exactly?


      Well, you are on the right track, sure. "Downhill skiing" is just often referred to as "laskettelu", but you could also call it "alppihiihto".

      However, "hiihto" by itsef refers to cross-country skiing - when you move forward using skis and possibly skiing poles in flat or varying terrain, over ice etc. Some people "hiihtävät" to work, for instance, or go "hiihtämään" in forests etc. in their free time.

      Various ski-related (competitive) sports include "hiihtosuunnistus" (orienteering using skis), "ampumahiihto" (biathlon), "pujottelu" (slalom), "freestylehiihto" (freestyle skiing), "mäkihyppy" (ski jumping) etc.

      You can of course also water ski (vesihiihto, vesihiihtää) and roller ski (rullahiihto, rullahiihtää).

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        +1 and a lingot (I know they don't have a lot of value, but still)


        Karhu hiihtää. At least I remember the bear logo on my Karhu skis when I was growing up, skiing to the bus stop in elementary school. Didn't know what "Karhu" meant then, though.

        Whoo-ee, was that a long time ago...


        Where would you put your skis? At the bus stop, or bring them into the bus with you? Haul them around school all day or what?


        I thought cross-country skiing was muurtomaa hiihto and skiing was hiihto


        Technically yes, but in Finland "hiihto" is generally understood to mean cross-country skiing. There's no need to speak of "murtomaahiihto", especially in everyday language.


        Is hiihto a verb or a noun? Or can it be both? I translated with "to cross country ski" thinking it is a verb


        Hiihto is a noun. It is the name of the sport/hobby.


        Thanks. What would the verb be in that case?


        Would you use hiihto to describe Nordic skiing in the English sense? (ie: Nordic skiing in the Olympics include classical, freestyle, biathlon, ski jumping)

        Or is it just specifically for classical & freestyle?


        Hiihto = cross-country skiing. It doesn't matter which style it is, classical (perinteinen) or freestyle (vapaa).

        Biathlon = ampumahiihto

        Ski jumping = mäkihyppy


        Kyllä, ajattelen nyt sanoa, kiitos


        All the same, I would think "nordic skiing" should be an acceptable translation, unless I'm misunderstanding something.


        I think both "cross country" and "skiing" should be accepted. For me (a Norwegian) it is obvious that "cross country" means cross country skiing, and also obvious that "skiing" means cross country skiing.

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