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  5. "Suuri museo on Pariisissa."

"Suuri museo on Pariisissa."

Translation:The large museum is in Paris.

July 24, 2020



Is there difference between "suuri" and "iso"?


I would say suuri = large and iso = big, but dont know if there is any difference...


No, there is not. Both are good


Is there a rule as to why it is Sveitsissä with an umlaut on the final "a" but Pariisissa without one please?


It's called a vowel harmony. There are back vowels (a, o and u), front vowels (ä, ö and y) and middle vowels (e and i). Back vowels are formed in the back of the mouth etc. Finnish can't have back and front vowels in the same word (except in loan words like labyrintti = labyrinth). Middle vowels can be with both back and front vowels. So if a word has only back (and middle) vowels the -ssa/-ssä form is -ssa because it doesn't break the vowel harmony (for example Pariisi has back and middle vowels -> Pariisissa). If the word has front (and middle) vowels it is -ssä (for example Sveitsi -> Sveitsissä) If the word has only middle vowels it's -ssä. Also if we speak for example about Wales, it is written Walesissa. But. As it's said like in English there is only middle vowels so it's said with -ssä. Does this make sense?

You can read more here: https://www.worddive.com/grammar/en/finnish-grammar/5-vowel-harmony/


Kiitos, LiiMai! I hadn't heard about vowel harmony before. At last I understand . Asun Walesissa so the last part is really good to know.

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