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Can I get back the tips for each lesson with Duolingo Plus?

Hi everyone,

As a user of the free version, I really appreciate the "Tips" section for each lesson. But, starting from a point, there are no more tips or grammar explanations.

Can I get them if I upgrade to Duolingo plus?

Thanks in advance!

July 24, 2020



The Finnish Tree is still being developed and Team Finnish is working on creating more tips. Here is the post explaining the tree and how it is being developed: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/39838113


No - there is no extra content with Plus.


OK. Thank you! Still, I think the things become more difficult as the tips just disappear from one point on... And the user does not even have the chance to get them, even if she/he decides to pay...


That's why it's called a Beta version. The Finnish course still under development. People have the possibility to use it already, thus the developers also get feedback from actual users.

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