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  5. "Does Elsa visit Oslo often?"

"Does Elsa visit Oslo often?"

Translation:Käykö Elsa usein Oslossa?

July 24, 2020



Is 'Käykö Elsa Oslossa usein' acceptable? It's marked wrong here.


In another exercise, the correct answer is "käytkö sinä täällä usein", so I would think it is correct.


Yes, it is also correct, it just depends on whether you'd rather ephasise "usein" or "Oslossa". So whichever comes first gets emphasised.


From what I understand, it is acceptable, let's hear from native speakers. And you can always report, this is still in Beta and improvements are being made all the time


It's possible there is a very slight variation in meaning depending on where you put usein but I'm also not sure such a subtle variation can be easily translated in English. I suspect however that it's essentially the same as saying Does Elsa often visit Oslo? ie. both mean the same thing...


I will super happy when I will finally understand where to put "usein" in the right position.

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