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"Nuo housut maksavat sata euroa."

Translation:Those pants cost one hundred euros.

July 24, 2020


[deactivated user]

    Sata Euroa is a hundred euro not yksi sata euro, so both should be accepted


    Pants sometimes right, trousers sometimes wrong. Give us a chance!!


    What are they made of, gold? Lol...


    Is the answer pants? Is Duolingo pants? Not today. Today it's trousers.


    trousers should also be accepted


    What is the difference between hundred euro and one hundred euro??


    Not much... but, "hundred euro" is incorrect. This is something a lot of English speakers don't notice (myself included) but "one" quantifies the hundred just as "a(n)" or "the" quantifies a noun in how specific it is. I believe it's something like how hundreds fall after how many they are in number (one hundred, two hundred, three hundred fifty) as compared to the common case of, say, sixty one or twenty-eight, which makes them have to be specified as being one hundred instead of just... hundred. Not sure though.


    Holy ship that's a lot

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