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"The teacher from Oulu is watching a movie."

Translation:Oululainen opettaja katselee elokuvaa.

July 24, 2020


[deactivated user]

    Again Oululainen does not actually translate as "from Oulu" it is inferred but it should also allow for the closer translation of Opettaja Oulusta...


    'Katsoo' was not accepted


    I wrote "Opettaja Oulusta", marked wrong.


    Yep, same here.


    Well it is wrong.


    I'm wondering if oululainen opettaja might be translated as "the Oulu teacher". We often use cities as adjectives: "the Chicago man", "a London woman", "the Dublin singer", "a Berlin teacher", "the Seattle sights", etc.


    What's the difference between katselee and katsoo?


    To put it simply: katselee = watches/views, katsoo = looks.

    katsoa (to look) is the physical action of looking at something, and katsella (to watch) is to view or watch something. However, these are often used interchangeably in Finnish, at least by natives (including myself). I would say, in my dialect, "katson elokuvaa" or "mä katon/meikä kattoo elokuvaa" instead of "katselen elokuvaa", which translates to "I am looking at a movie", instead of "I am watching a movie", respectively. Strictly speaking from a purely grammatical perspective it's not quite correct. However, every Finn you would tell this would understand you and would not think it's weird. In fact, "katsella" would be a bit weirder to hear specifically in Oulu than "katsoa".

    An analogous example would be lukea vs. lueskella. "minä luen" means "I read" and "minä lueskelen" is "I am reading (something)". The former means that you physically read something, like a sentence or word or equivalent, and the latter would be the case of relaxing and reading a book or a thesis, for example. But again, these two are used completely interchangeably by natives. Also, some people might interpret "lueskella" as skimming through, instead of actually reading, although the correct choice of words to use here are "katsella (läpi)" or "selata (läpi)".

    (I am from Oulu, by the way.)



    I've been to Oulu! But I was at a thing in one place, and didn't see much of the area.


    Thanks for the insight

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