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  5. "Mead is delicious!"

"Mead is delicious!"

Translation:Sima on herkullista!

July 24, 2020



what's wrong with "sima on herkullinen"


I think it's about countability. Sima would become partitive when not in the subject position (due to the uncountability of liquid), so its adjective will be partitive in this sentence. I've tried to demonstrate this but the sentences may contain errors:

Onko teillä simaa?
Joo, meidän sima on herkullista.

Onko tuo suklaakakku?
Joo, tämä kakku on herkullinen.


Okay thanks for the explanation but would the phrase "Sima on herkullinen" be incorrect in all other contexts?


I'm trying to think of a sentence where I would say that, but I come up with none. "Tämä sima on herkullista." "Lasi on kaunis ja sima on herkullista." "Rusinat ovat maukkaita (The raisins are tasty) ja itse sima on herkullista." "Sima tässä on herkullista." "He sanovat, että sima on herkullista." "En arvannut siman olevan näin herkullista." (I didn't expect the sima to be so tasty) etc.

Maybe if "a sima" was some sort of an edible thing like a meatball or a cake in some other language and we told that that specific piece of food is delicious, then we would say "Tämä/tuo sima on herkullinen" but no other scenario would fit.


It really isn't, but stop translating sima as mead.


It is not mead. But it is understandable that they might translate it that way: wiki: Sima (mead)


Unless they've ever drunk actual mead.


Both are a good drop, however I'm in agreement that they're certainly not the same thing

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