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  5. "Woah, what a traffic jam!"

"Woah, what a traffic jam!"

Translation:Huh, mikä ruuhka!

July 24, 2020


[deactivated user]

    Where is traffic jam in this? How does this show context? Surely liikenneruuhka is more appropriate, otherwise how does one know what type of queue it is?


    ruuhka can mean "traffic jam" or "overcrowding". Sometimes it can also mean "backlog". Unfortunately, there isn’t a word-to-word translation in English for it. liikenneruuhka is a fine word, but it sounds very formal. I've added it as an alternative translation though. It will take a few weeks for Duo to integrate my edit. :)


    How is one to know how to spell a non-word... It adds up to a lot of frustration.


    If you are talking about “whoa”, it is in dictionaries, has been around since 15th century or so, but it is misspelled everywhere in DL...


    Both are accepted spellings nowadays, but "whoa" is indeed more common. I'll make it the main translation. It'll take a few weeks for Duo to include my edit in the course. :)

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