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Any good online Finnish grammar course?

Hi everyone,

Do you know any good online Finnish grammar course for foreigners or an app to learn it?

Unfortunately, the tips are not anymore available from one point on and the Finnish grammar is not easy at all.

Hit me with some recommendations, please!


July 24, 2020



Google "Uusi Kielemme". That one is great. Kurssi-ihana-mahtava-hyödyllinen


Hi, I used few years ago Word Dive app. There were exercises for very basic grammar, like verb conjugation and use of partitive and genitive. Something that I do not like about WordDive is that the subscription is pretty expensive and you do not get any course content when the subsription is over.


I was wondering the same! I was using the app and came to the web site because there were people saying the site could offer grammar hints but I don't see any! This language definitely needs some grammar explanation.


Google ’suomea ole Hyva’.

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