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"Missä hotellissa Väinö on yötä?"

Translation:In which hotel is Väinö spending the night?

July 24, 2020



Where is "spending" in the finnish sentence. Why can't i use "staying for the night"?


Seems like junction of "olla+yöta" is in Finnish what is equivalent to "spending the night" in English, so it's not a literal translation. It should probably also accept "staying the night", so if it doesn't, you can report it and add that as a suggestion. They do update those in the courses from time to time


Why spending the night but not staying the night?

[deactivated user]

    Ive never heard a sentence like this, is this how to make such a statement? I would use missä hotellissa Väinö pääsee yötä


    "Pääsee yötä" doesn't really make sense. "Olla yötä" and "yöpyä" are how "to spend the night" is expressed in Finnish.


    Mielenkiintoista! I wonder where you got the "päästä" from? :)

    "Päästä" has many translations since it can be used as a verb, a postposition (having a similar meaning to "kuluttua", e.g. "Lähdemme tunnin kuluttua/päästä" - We leave in an hour, since the hour has passed), and a noun (singular ablative of "pää", "from the head").

    As a verb, it could be translated as:

    1. to get in somewhere, to reach (something), to access something, to arrive

    2. to get off from/out of doing something, to be released/discharged (e.g. from a hospital, a prison), to escape (e.g. "päästä pakoon")

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