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"Minulla on pari ystävää, jotka asuvat Prahassa."

Translation:I have a couple of friends who live in Prague.

July 24, 2020


[deactivated user]

    Couple of friends that live should be accepted


    In English, "of" is generally considered optional when preceeded by "couple" in this context.


    the comma in the English version is unnecessary


    So, even though the subject of the main clause is singular, the relative pronoun in the dependent clause is in the plural?


    Jotka relates to "friends", not "I". If you used 2 separate sentences, they would be "I have a couple of friends. The friends (or they) live in Prague."


    @JamesRitch14, I had a similar problem in this exercise: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/40946839 (the same apart from the fact that the languages are flipped)

    I just understood why the relative pronoun needs to be in the nominative plural and explained my reasoning in my last comment there. I hope it helps!


    Sorry but I'm not native in English. A couple of friends means just two friends that are a couple, or some few uncountable friends that live in Prague?


    No need to be a couple. The person has two (or a few more) friends that live there.


    Yet "few" is not accepted in the answer.


    well, technically it should mean just 2, but in colloquial language, I think, most people around the world would use in the same vein as 'few'.

    So it's not English specific.

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