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Are there any other être verbs beside Dr & Mrs Vandertramp?

Are there any other verbs that use être with the composed tenses beside the typical Dr & Mrs Vandertramp?

Just to make sure verbs aren't repeated I will list the verbs already included, there is devenir, revenir, monter, rester, sortir, venir, aller, naître, descendre, entrer, rentrer, tomber, retourner, arriver, mourir and partir.

I found two verbs that are not included in the mnemonic device above, passer and décéder.

Are there any other verbs that use être that I have not included? I don't want to miss any.

July 25, 2020



I didn't know about this device, thank you!


There’s also the acronym ADVENT for the “most used” verbs and their “opposite”:

Arriver / Partir

Descendre / Monter

Venir / Aller

Entrer / Sortir

Naître / Mourir

Tomber / Rester


All reflexive verbs.

It is also easy to confuse sentences using past participles as adjectives rather than as verbs, for example les notes sont écrites (the notes are written - *NB present tense, looks like past!), yet j'ai écrit les notes.


"Passer" can be both used with avoir and être, I suppose that's why it wasn't in the list. (Although hat doesn't explain "déceder").

[deactivated user]

    You can use "Dr. & Mrs. Vandertrampse". Bit weird, but the se at the end reminds me of the reflexive verbs, which also take être.


    I think 'arrivier' is one as well but not sure


    Je confirme ce que dit @thatAverageNerd les verbes pronominaux se conjuguent avec le verbe être au passé composé.

    [deactivated user]

      I confirm what thatAverageNerd said, that pronominal verbs conjugation with the verb être in the passé composé.


      In my french course they taught them as the “house” verbs


      When they use Dr and mrs p vandertramp, you'll find passer in there. Passer is also one of 6 vandertramp verbs that can be conjugated with être and avoir. It depends on whether the usage takes a cod. The vandertramp-être verbs dont have a cod.

      There's a family of venir verbs that take être in passé composé like parvenir and intervenir and se souvenir. These aren't part of vandertramp but the logic here is that they're close descendants of venir.

      Se souvenir is a pronomial verb and the pronomial verbs take être in passé composé.

      Be careful with some of the pronomial verbs because in some cases the pronoun is the coi and there is a cod after the verb. There's no past participle agreement with those verbs in those cases. elle s'est cassé le main; ils se sont cassé les jambes. See the tips in the lesson rescue in set 5 for more on that.

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