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  5. "Ele mora nessa fazenda."

"Ele mora nessa fazenda."

Translation:He lives on that farm.

May 16, 2013



'he lives ON that farm' would be much more common in english.

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Well, "He lives at that farm" (copy and paste) was not accepted. Duo said it should be "He lives on that farm." (copy and paste) 3/25/14. So someone must have agreed with you.


Depending on who you ask, essa and esta can be interchangable (and both mean "this") or essa can perhaps be "that". I suppose there is no way to tell which one duolingo wants? Or should I be defaulting to "that" for essa/esse from now on?


In Spanish esta is this, esa is that (near object) and aquella is that (distant object)

I would imagine that it's similar, if not identical in Portuguese for esta, essa and aquela.


In theory yes, but in Brasil if not in Portugal it seems esta and essa are used almost interchangeably to mean this.


for the same reasons that "msbraz" has mentioned, this section is very frustrating.


"Nessa", for native speakers, is closer to "this" than to "that". "That" means "aquele/aquela", far from the speaker. "Nesse/nessa" and "neste/nesta" are used equally for things that are near the speaker, like "this". This session is not very accurate =(


He lives at a farm/ a hostel/ a church/ home. He lives on the streets. He lives in a house/

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Not in my area. We live on a farm.


No, trust me, I live on a farm.

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