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"We don't understand this grammar lesson."

Translation:Nous ne comprenons pas cette leçon de grammaire.

July 25, 2020



It's the ce ça ces cette roulette wheel for me. Gotta a 25% chance, the house wins, l copy. Dang


Ce - masculine singular. Cette - feminine singular. Ces - plural. These are adjectives attached to a noun, meaning this or that. However ce can also be a pronoun, often seen as C’est or ce sont at the beginning of a sentence. Ça is a different word, short for cela. It’s a pronoun and stands by itself, not qualifying a noun. https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/french-english/ce



Ce demonstrative determiner masculine singular
Cette demonstrative determiner feminine singular
Ces demonstrative determiner plural
Ça indefinite demonstrative pronoun

    Ce chien est gros.
    Cette maison est rouge.
    Ces enfants sont grands.
    J'ai besoin de ça.

Link: Demonstrative Pronouns and Determiners in French on lingolia


You forgot "cet": demonstrative determiner masculine singular before a vowel or a silent h.

Cet animal appartient à cet homme. (This animal belongs to this man.)


Isn't it "cette leçon de la grammaire"?


On ne comprend pas cette leçon de grammaire. <--accepted.


You don't really need the "de" people will still understand you


I'm French and you NEED IT


I've been asking this in several forums, and it says that if you have a noun acting as an adjective, you need "de" however, I'm still very confused because they're all adjectives describing the noun, and always should have "de." I still do not understand why "de" would ever need to be dropped, and more importantly, how you know whether to add "de" or not.


Why doesnt accept leçon?!!

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