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"Väinö, onko sinulla suomalainen sauna?"

Translation:Väinö, do you have a Finnish sauna?

July 25, 2020



If Väinö is a Finn, he could not not have a sauna!


Could someone further explain 'onko'? Is it only used in questions? Is it optional (like could one say "sinulla on suomalainen sauna?") or mandatory? Kiitos.


When you ask a question, you can move the verb in front of the sentence and add -ko or -kö. "Sinulla on suomalainen sauna" - you have a finnish sauna, "onko sinulla suomalainen sauna?" - do you have a finnish sauna?


Can this also translate to "Väinö, is your sauna Finnish?"

Or would that question be structured a different way? Maybe "Väinö, onko sinulla sauna suomalainen?" Or "Väinö, sinulla sauna onko suomalainen?"


Väinö, is your sauna Finnish? = Väinö, onko saunasi suomalainen?

onko = is? saunasi = your sauna

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