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Finnish - translation into Italian

Hi everybody, I have just finished the Finnish course and I loved it. I would like to translate it into Italian, my native language. Is it possible? Many thanks for this great course.

July 25, 2020



Onneksi olkoon! :-)

You can register your interest in contributing to a new Duolingo course here: https://incubator.duolingo.com/. But I'm afraid I think that a Finnish course for Italian speakers would probably be quite low on Duolingo's list of priorities... It took years for them to allow the very eager volunteers to build this one!

Then there are of course other services where you cold build an Italian Finnish course. I'm not entirely up to date on which programs are hip nowadays, but take a look at Memrise at least.


Contributors are supposed to be fluent in both languages...


Many haven't been, over the years. It's a team effort, after all. And by the time Duolingo picks this course, ritacherita might be pretty fluent...


Kiitos, Annika. The sentences in the beta version are very simple and basic, it would be quite easy to translate them into my native language.


Yes, but I think contributors would also be expected to write the tips and notes, answer users' questions, decide whether alternative answers suggested by users are correct, etc. So it does involve a lot more than just translating the sentences.

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