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  5. "Pistoke on kai rikki."

"Pistoke on kai rikki."

Translation:I guess the power plug is broken.

July 25, 2020



Should "The plug is broken I guess" also be accepted?


Definitely, duolingo is just awkward at times. I reported it too

[deactivated user]

    I am having trouble with the term "kai". According to wiktionary, "kai" means 'probably' or 'maybe, perhaps'. Why do we continuously translate "kai" to "I guess"?

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    Probably idiomatic usage. This is what my dictionary says:

    kai probably, presumably; (ehkä) maybe, perhaps; kyllä kai I guess [so]; ei kai hän kauan viivy I don't think he'll stay long; pitää kai lähteä I suppose we must go

    Although kai per se is impersonal, it seems to reflect the speakers perspective. It is "ei kai", i.e. 3rd person sgl, but still translates as "I don't think". The last example is really weird since there is no subject at all, and where does "we" come from? Purely based on an assumed likely context? Would "Pitää lähteä" work as well?


    The power plug, I guess, is broken should be correct because the emphasis is on the power plug not the person


    Kai is a tricky one indeed. I share the same doubts as everyone here.


    From talking to a native Finnish speaker to understand "kai" better, the sentence above should be translated to: The power plug is probably broken.


    reflected "the plug is probably broken" on 14.11.2021. reported

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