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  5. "One fish, please."

"One fish, please."

Translation:Yksi kala, kiitos.

July 25, 2020



Same as for 'One potato, please: Shouldn't it be 'Yhden kalan, kiitos.'?


No, the translation is correct. Why should it be in the genitive case?


Not genitive but accusative.


When you are ordering a fish at a counter, for instance, you can say "Minä otan yhden kalan" (I'll take one fish), but there the "yksi kala" is a whole object in a sentence and therefore it's in the genitive looking accusative. As a stand alone phrase, however, it cannot take the accusative. So it's "Yksi kala, yksi peruna ja yksi tomaatti, kiitos."

If you don't define the amount, or the number is larger than one, the words of course take the partitive case. :)

"Kalaa, perunaa ja tomaattia, kiitos."

"Kaksi kalaa, kolme perunaa ja neljä tomaattia, kiitos."

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