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"Jullie zullen mij niet krijgen!"

Translation:You will not get me!

August 10, 2014



I'm just picturing an insane Dutch man hiding behind a pillow-shield screaming, "Jullie zullen mij niet krijgen!"


Poor man…everybody knows the monsters under the bed can't be stopped by a pillow-shield.


I think this is the man who talks to his closet, and the person who has a little man inside his computer.


And the one who greets his juice in the morning and thinks he's a bear.


and finally, we cant forget our friend, the one who thinks that he is a banana!


Or the talking orange.


the effects of too much Stroopwafel :D


I'm sorry, there is no such thing as too much stroopwafel.


This just made my day! :)


I'm glad to hear that! ^_^


I'm picturing a rejection from a guy/girl. Is this sentence in context with that?


A better context would be for example playing tag, although there's an often used annoying sentence 'Pak me dan, als je kan.' (catch me if you can), accompanied with the annoying tone. Or some chased criminal from a children's television series could say that, followed by an attempt to an evil laugh.


Well, no. First of all it is plural (unless you were thinking of doing multiple rejections simultaneously), and secondly I would admit Dutch can say quite bluntly what they think, especially in the Netherlands, but that sentence is driving things to the extreme. In Flanders we often think of the 'Hollanders' as rude because of their bluntness, but in contrast, the Dutch think of us as 'hypocrites' because we never say directly what we think. It's just one of the numerous differences between us.


how about being able to translate this as "you won't catch me" i think that's something said while playing games as a child, so is the dutch "Jullie zullen mij niet krijgen"


Same question here


i think it is something about context and/or emphasis... For a little more reference, I guess this link helps a little :) (just a little) http://forum.wordreference.com/threads/will-not-vs-wont.1845276/


Someone sort of asked this question, but I'd like to make it clearer: can krijgen here mean "to catch"?

I don't see that as a meaning either on wiktionary or mijnwoordenboek.nl.


It means not exactly approximately the same, but as both the English 'you won't get me' and 'you won't catch me' exist, I don't see the need to interfere with the translation.

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