"Morgen ist Dienstag, richtig?"

Translation:Tomorrow is Tuesday, right?

May 16, 2013

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Woah, tomorrow's actually Tuesday! freakeh


Which sentence is the most common among these "Morgen ist Dienstag, richtig?", "Morgen ist Dienstag, oder?", or "Morgen ist Dienstag, nicht wahr?" ?


I'd say the first two are about as common as each other. "richtig?" means you really want an answer. "oder" is more like "say something if I'm wrong". The difference is small though and as Fremdsprachler you'll be understood using any of the three.


Would it be more colloquial to say "Morgen ist Dienstag, nicht?" Or are both just one in the same?


I think most Germans when listening to a non native-speaker would think you mean "tomorrow is not Tuesday" and got the word order a bit wrong.

The way to get a response from the other person is to add "oder" at the end of the end of the sentence "morgen ist Dienstag, oder?" That's informal and conversational but not impolite.


Can you say, "Ist morgen Dienstag?"

Also, can you say, "Morgen ist Dienstag, nein/ja?


Ist Morgen Dienstag? is a good question. That's possible.

["Ist Morgen Dienstag? Ja oder nein?"] can work, too.

"Morgen ist Dienstag, richtig? is better!

"Morgen ist Dienstag, nein? is crasy and "Morgen ist Dienstag, ja? is possible (but not the best).


Isnt tomrrow always not capatlised? as "morgen"


Yes but Capitalising the First letter in the sentence takes priority. You can still tell it means tomorrow because morning will have something else like "Heute Morgen" or "Am Morgen"


Danke Für eine gute Antwort!

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