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"Il croit que la bouteille contient du vin."

Translation:He believes that the bottle contains wine.

August 10, 2014



How come it's "contient", isn't this the verb "contenir" so its conjugation should be "contienne" because it's subjective and not present tense ?


Penser and Croire usually use the indicative tense in a positive phrase, not the subjunctive.

  • Je crois qu'il a raison

They take the subjunctive in the negative and also in the interrogative.

  • Je ne crois pas qu'il ait raison and Crois-tu qu'il ait raison

If it is a negative question, it reverts to the indicative :)

  • Ne crois-tu pas qu'il a raison?

With think and believe, the use of the subjunctive depends on how much DOUBT there is, so it is only needed in negative phrases and "positive" interrogations.

These links will help.




"He thinks…" should be accepted.


No it shouldn't, as he thinks is 'il pense', whereas 'il croit' means he believes.

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