Translation:to get

July 25, 2020



I grew up thinking this translated as "to be allowed to have".


Yes, to be allowed in general. And to receive. And possibly some non-PG stuff.


I spoke fluent Finnish as a child and I agree these definitions rather than the American use of get, but this is an American app, so I'll use American idiom.


To receive should be accepted. Reported.


Get is a useless English verb and is so over used as to be meaningless


I can't agree with you in saying that it's useless. One feature of English that will divide the goats from the sheep is their knowledge of homographs: words that are spelled identically but have different meanings or definitions. According to the 1989 O.E.D., it has 289 definitions, to be exact. "Get" is among the top ten: https://www.insider.com/words-with-the-most-definitions-2019-1


The problem is that you can construct many sentences with 'get' as the only verb. It stifles creative expression and encourages laziness.


I get that you get irritated with those who get get-happy so just get calm and for-get it maybe?


Why are infinitives spelled with a single final -a when written alone, but with a double a when in the context of a sentence? E.g. "Haluan maistaa pullan"?


That's not the case. Saada and maistaa are both infinitives. They are just different verbtypes (see https://uusikielemme.fi/finnish-grammar/consonant-gradation/the-finnish-verbtypes).


I think the get used here is an Americanism. As in "can I get a beer?" which jars on British ears.

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