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  5. "Puu kasvaa keskellä metsää."

"Puu kasvaa keskellä metsää."

Translation:The tree grows in the middle of the forest.

July 25, 2020



I believe "a tree" should work here as well.


Just to be sure (and skipping ahead), this has the exact same meaning as "metsän keskellä" right?


So why is it metsää and not metsän here?


Because that's how keskellä works. If it's in a postposition to the word it refers to, genitive is used:

Metsän keskellä

If it's a preposition, partitive is used:

Keskellä metsää

These can be difficult to remember, because there aren't really clear rules as to how different words behave in these positions.


For some reason,when I stumble upon this sentense, the second word is at first pronounced "kasvee", but of I tap to listen again it says "kasvaa"

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