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  5. "Kuu on kuin pyöreä juusto."

"Kuu on kuin pyöreä juusto."

Translation:The moon is like a round cheese.

July 25, 2020



The moon is like round cheese is acceptable and I think (as a native English speaker) better English. We don't usually use the indefinite article "a" with "cheese", it's kind of like a partitive, uncountable noun. You would have to add another countable noun: "The moon is like a round wheel of cheese" (although that is redundant because wheels of cheese are always round) "The moon is like a round block of cheese" (although that is odd because blocks of cheese are generally rectangular).


That means "Kuu on kuin pyöreää juustoa". The nominative case makes it countable. If you don't use an article for "cheese", you make it uncountable, and in order for something to be uncountable in Finnish, it needs to be in partitive case instead.


That makes sense! I think the distinction is just not the same in English, so for the sake of the sentence, accepting either makes sense. For the sake of longer term learning I can see the importance, because there are certainly other cases where this distinction would matter much more in English.


If it's uncounted but consists of several individual items do you use the partitive singular or plural. E.g. "I would like some apples" is it "Haluaisin omenaa" - or omenoita?


It should be the partitive plural form "omenoita" because of the combination of the fact that it's countable and the fact that its number has not been specified.


I would definitely disagree and always use the article in english. The moon is one special unique object, so A round cheese. Round cheese seems to put her into the just anther lump in the sky. I think blocks are generally angular in speech.


"The moond is round like a cheese" should be accepted imo


Might that be Kuu on pyöreä kuin juusto, rather than Kuu on kuin pyöreä juusto?


there is a problem in this particular one as the text version and sound version are not quite match. the sound version is gramattically correct but yo get the right answer we need to write the wrong one .


Not sure what you mean by that, could you write what the two versions are? I voted your comment up, btw, there apparently were two users who disagreed.

It's unfortunate that this sentence discussion doesn't have a link to the recording. Annika or Mari, if you read this, is there any way you can fix that?


There's nothing odd going on at our end. :)


What I meant is that at the top left of most SD's there is a speaker icon - - if you click on it the TTS recording of the sentence plays. It's very convenient. But this task doesn't have it.


Ah. I'll report it. :)


Did I make the cheese fluffy or curly? It was a 'type what you hear' task, and I put, "Puu on kuin pörreä juusto." Oh my goodness, only now do I see that I was talking about a fluffy tree, haha! If I had written "Kuu on kuin pörreä juusto" what would it have meant?


The moon is like a mouldy cheese:-)

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