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Full word strengh for word I saw for first time and had to peek at..

In doing a new section it seems you get full word strength on every word, even if a certain word only came up once, and I had to peek at it since it's a word i'd never seen before. I know I would get these words wrong even if they came up straight away again so seems a bit odd.

Would be good if this was recognised and the word strength of these kept low so you could target them later.

Or maybe this is only happening to me??

May 16, 2013



Word strength depends on (1) how recently you've seen the word, and (2) how many times you've seen it, and gotten it right or wrong.

So even for new words you will have full strength right after you first learn it, because it should be fresh in your memory. But if you've only seen it once, or get it wrong a lot of the time, it will decay (and be due for practice) much faster than words you see a lot and/or tend to get correct.


Ah no worries then. Thanks for the response.

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